In 1974 Jeff Fryer had his first taste of the flavorful pink fish that locals in Vancouver called “candy.” In the years to follow he perfected his own smoking process and created the Signature Smoked Salmon that Out of the Fire Café was built upon.

The smoked salmon was first passed around at parties, then shipped nationwide. The popularity of the salmon grew and grew until a commercial space was necessary to handle the volume. The Cafe opened in 2007 and Jeff and his team have continuously delivered delicious and exciting flavors since.

Out of the Fire Café specializes in our Signature Smoked Salmon along with fresh, hand cut seafood and steaks. Our menu is subject to daily change in order to deliver fresh, local ingredients to the table. Join us for a meal and get hooked!

Slow Food Pittsburgh
Out of the Fire Café is a proud member of Slow Food USA,
a non-profit dedicated to creating a world where the food we
eat is good for us, good for farmers and workers, and good for
the planet. Slow Food promotes an unhurried enjoyment of
life’s simple pleasures, starting at the table. For information
about the Pittsburgh chapter visit

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